Maintenance Location: nspanama Tukwila Data Center
Maintenance Start Time: Wed, Feb 21 2018 - 07:00AM UTC - (Tue, Feb 20 2018 - 11:00PM PST)
Maintenance End Time: Wed, Feb 21 2018 - 03:00PM UTC - (Wed, Feb 21 2018 - 07:00AM PST)
Maintenance Window Length: 8 Hours
Maintenance Expected Severity: Medium
Maintenance Impact: Customers will see routing re-convergence and/or high latencies

On February 21th 2018 beginning at 07:00AM UTC (February 20th 11:00PM PST), one of nspanama transit providers will be performing software upgrade on provider ASR9K edge router with nspanama in our Tukwila Data Center.

During the maintenance, customers may experience latency and packet loss intermittently throughout the maintenance window as traffic is rerouted through other providers. We do not expect a loss of IP for the duration as we have multiple transit providers in our blend.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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