Upgrade to Atlanta Infrastructure to take place on 2019-01-15

We are performing upgrades to our Atlanta infrastructure on 2019-01-15. As a result, all services that reside in Atlanta will be undergoing maintenance, and offline for the period of 2~3 hours between 1pm EST and 4pm Eastern Standard Time. While we are undergoing maintenance, all associated services will be offline. These services will be brought ... Leer Más »

14º Ene 2019
NSPanama - Scheduled Network Maintenance

Maintenance Location: NSPanama - Tukwila IGW Data CenterMaintenance State Time: 04:00 AM UTC Sep 16th 2018 (Saturday 09:00 PM PDT Sep 15th)Maintenance End Time: 12:00 PM UTC Sep 16th 2018 (Sunday 05:00 AM PDT Sep 16th)Maintenance Window Length: 8 hoursMaintenance Severity: MediumMaintenance Impact: Low impact, increased latency and packet loss Leer Más »

13º Sept 2018
nspanama Transit Provider ASR9K Software Upgrade

Maintenance Location: nspanama Tukwila Data CenterMaintenance Start Time: Wed, Feb 21 2018 - 07:00AM UTC - (Tue, Feb 20 2018 - 11:00PM PST)Maintenance End Time: Wed, Feb 21 2018 - 03:00PM UTC - (Wed, Feb 21 2018 - 07:00AM PST)Maintenance Window Length: 8 HoursMaintenance Expected Severity: MediumMaintenance Impact: Customers will see routing ... Leer Más »

14º Feb 2018
Datacenter UPS maintenance

We will begin the scheduled UPS maintenance at 9pm PDT (about 30 minutes from now).Before the maintenance start, we will transfer all 3rd floor critical load to generator.No impact is expected. We do not anticipate any customer impact during this maintenance window. We simply wish to keep you informed and assured of the rigorous efforts to ... Leer Más »

12º Oct 2017
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